Friday's Fave Five

Taking time from my busy week to recognize a few of my favorite moments.

1. Communicating: Our little guy is consistently signing "cracker" using American Sign Language. He's getting better with "more, eat and light".

2. Haircuts: Everyone in the family had one this week. Having my family all freshly trimmed and cut helps me somehow feel even more prepared for school and the schedules ahead.

3. Talking with my teen: As I cut my son's hair outside one evening, it was just the two of us. We talked the entire time, about this... about that... about a bit of everything. A teenage boy carrying on an extended conversation, a favorite indeed!

4. Today: There are no scheduled appointments today. After the week I've had, that is a definite favorite. Now mind you, there are many things to do, but no specific time required on the clock to get them done.

5. And last but not least... This...

My week found me challenged and intentionally making time for quiet. What about yours?

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  1. What a sweet scene you've captured there at #5!

  2. That last picture is so cute!

    I have three boys between 15-25 -- I know what you mean about rare extended conversations when they're teens! My oldest always was pretty conversant, but my middle one was not for a while, except sometimes in the car or while we were doing something else. Precious times!

    I've been needing a haircut myself this week, but haven't made it out yet.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. A teenage boy talking for a long time IS a great thing! It sounds like you cut your kids hair, thats great. I love the picture of the cat and boy, so cute!

  4. The photo is great! And any time you can get your son to talk for a length of time is a great thing indeed. My son is 25 now and we talk all the time, but those long talks are something to be treasured indeed.

  5. Such a sweet picture at the end. It doesn't seem like we are ready for school unless we've had hair cuts/trims.

    Funny the opportunities we have to talk to our teens if we but recognize them.

  6. I love days with no appointments! Pretty much my day tomorrow! You know what I'll be doing!

    School starts MON for all 3!


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