Sacred in the Ordinary: Signs of Life

I am tempted to search for the extraordinary. I catch myself longing for the incredible. I fight the urge to notice the spectacular. In doing so, I risk missing the most extraordinary, incredible and spectacular of all... the sacred in the ordinary.

My Moment...

As I sat one morning coffee in hand to have some quiet time, I was surrounded by this. My first reaction was to sigh. I didn't have the energy the night before to put all of this away before heading to bed. It is what greeted me.

As I looked at my surroundings, I realized the implications of this moment, of this environment.

The dishes in my sink, the laundry in the baskets, the dust on the furniture and these toys on the floor were all signs of life in my home.

I realized that a perfectly clean house that stayed put together without effort would indicate that my children and my family were gone. Oh how I would miss them! The ordinary mess suddenly represented something so very sacred... life.

What moment did you notice this week?

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"There is no such thing in anyone's life as an unimportant day." -Alexander Woollcott


  1. I like things put away and orgainized, though you wouldn't know it by looking at my house. : ) Sometime ago I was fretting about the disaray of my house. I sat and looked at all that needed to be put away and back to order, then I looked at my son. It was at that moment that a thought hit me. I would rather my son remember the times we shared playing, chatting and having some fun, than remember me not having time for him because I was more focused on having a perfectly put together house.

  2. So true. I too had a moment this week when I looked beyond what my eyes were actually seeing and I saw what that seemingly not so good thing actually represented something that was very good indeed. It was the sad dead strip of lawn in my backyard where the slip and slide had been. I wrote it in my Fave Fives yesterday here:


  3. Great post Donnetta and so true, thanks for sharing :)

  4. I would have to say I had a moment like your this week! I love your posts and you enjoy coming back to your site all the time!

    Thank you for your positive thoughts on my blog. I appreciate them very much


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