Mail: A Dying Art

You walk to the mailbox. You peer inside. You remove the contents. You look through the few envelopes that were delivered. Advertisements, bills, credit card offers..... You walk back into the house flinging the pile on the table to deal with later.

* disappointed sigh*

You determine that today is the day. You know you must sit and complete this task. You WANT to do it. You know it's important, that it matters. You set out all of the items needed to complete the one task you WANT to do today.

Hours later you drop into bed. The task items for the one thing that you desired to do today remain where you left them... untouched.... only to remain in that place for days to come. You feel badly as you recognize it's importance, the encouragement it would bring, the smile it would create... and yet, it remains undone.

*frustrated sigh*

I have found myself in both of these situations. I fear we have a phenomenon beginning to occur in our era. We are watching an art form slowly fade away.

Computers, phones, e-mails, facebook, twitter, blogs... all have come to take it's place. Most certainly these things have at least taken some of the time away from this art form.

For me, the time to complete this form of art seemed to come so much easier in the past. Now it seems there is always something more to be done first, even though this is what I often want to do most.

I have determined I will not let this form of art die. I resolve to make it a part of my life once again. I will blow the dust off of my items used to create this art form.

I know how encouraging it can be. I know the smile it can bring to someone' s face. If it does for others what it does for me, nothing replaces it. Not a phone call, not an e-mail, not even responding to a facebook/twitter status, or commenting on a blog.

For me there is something very uniquely special about it that I can only imagine resonates through the hearts of many others that are also experiencing the quietness of it's disappearance.

A Dying Art

Mail: a card, a note, a word of encouragement...

* thoughtfully selected
* beautifully written
* purposefully addressed
* dutifully stamped
* lovingly mailed

You walk to the mailbox. You open it and peer inside. The contents are removed. You look through the few envelopes that were delivered. Advertisements, bills, credit card offers, an envelope-handwritten- addressed to you!!

You walk back into the house ripping open that envelope as you are walking. You fling the rest of the pile on the table to deal with later.

You absorb the contents of the handwritten card repeatedly before closing it. You place it in a prominent place to be reminded over and over....

Someone cares. Someone thought of me.......

* pleasant sigh*

This is the scenario I am determining to place back into the lives of others. It may be a dying art, but I won't be the one to let it die.


  1. I SO understand what you're writing about. I'm a notecard writing freak sometimes, especially when I'm leading bible studies. It's an incredibly relational way to let someone know you cared enough to make the effort to WRITE them a note.

    Have you ever read Alexandra Stoddard? She's not a Christian writer, but an interior designer kinda writer, but she really focuses on ways to make people feel special and times memorable. I found her books when I was just out of college and on my own. These days I'm wishing her books weren't one of the things I downsized out during our many moves...

  2. When making my list of school supplies for the fall I wrote down envelopes...and bought a box of 125.

    I don't anticipate it lasting until next summer.

    I stuff envelopes with 4 year old masterpieces that I have dutifully and carefully written the story I was told on the back and send them off. Envelopes of love for grandparents and friends.

    In my little way I am trying to pass on this gentile and loving method of communicating and encouragement.

    But you remind me that I need to do this myself too.

  3. I absolutely agree, and I have been guilty of doing far too little of it too. I think it is not only an art but a ministry. I know how it makes me feel to get a handwritten note. I need to bless others in the same way.
    Thank you for this lovely reminder.

  4. Ahh you are so right, how great is it to recieve a card or a letter in the post just out of the blue. So much more personal than an email or facebook message.

    I keep a stock of nice writting paper and notelets but have not written in a while. You have inspired me to write a few letters this evening.

    My sister and friend Ruth are really keen on card making and I'm so lucky to receive these occasionally - it really brightens up the day! Thanks for your inspiration.



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