Hello and Welcome.  Allow me to introduce myself.

I suppose I’m not much different than your neighbor down the street or the lady standing behind you in line at the grocery store.
My days are filled with being a wife of 16 years and a mother to 2 teens and a toddler.  My schedule includes everything from high school sporting events to going to the park and play dates.  A few hours each week find me working as a Registered Nurse.

 I keep busy maintaining three different school schedules as our son in high school attends a private school.  I home school our daughter through the private school program in addition to getting her to the public school for a couple of classes each day.  Our little guy is my constant companion in the midst of it all.

With what time I might have left .... I am involved at church leading the music, snuggling babies in the nursery, and facilitating various small groups with my husband on topics such as parenting, marriage and finances.

I am a reader, piano player, and wanna be gardener and cook.  I search for new ways to be frugal and make good financial decisions.  I am a student of how to navigate the world with the special needs of my child, a contributing writer at Crosswalk, and a  blogger.

I do not share many details of our little guys adoption.  I do not expand on our daughter’s fight with death twice and the lifetime obstacles those experiences have left for her/us to navigate.  Their stories are not mine to share in this public place.

However, the way I approach life and the lens through which I view the encounters of my day are very much influenced by the daily experiences those situations bring.  As I process and share, these things are very much a part of who I am and who God is creating me to be.

More than anything else I am a child of God. I treasure the personal relationship I have with Him. I am not afraid to tackle the more difficult questions of life. I do not back away from the tough questions of my heart.

In turn, I often share those here with you in hopes of challenging, encouraging and inspiring your own heart and soul at its very core.

I hope you always find yourself welcome to come and sit awhile at My Quiet Corner. Take time to rest, to reflect, to be quiet. I hope and pray that you find here transparency, encouragement, honesty, support, laughs, tears, a listening ear, a praying heart, and a friend.

Thanks for sharing "My Quiet Corner" with me! I enjoy the presence of YOU!

Enough about me.  I’d love to hear about you!  

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  1. I do find this a place to come and sit with you.

    You are a busy woman! You face all your challenges with grace and faith and inspire all who com here.

    And by the way, I'm on track with the Bible reading. I was two days ahead but man it's easy to let a day slip by. The last two days I've been getting up early and reading.

    Thanks for your encouragement!!


Thank you for taking a moment to stop and chat. I enjoy the presence of you!