I Don't Want to be Remembered for Being Nice

I was talking with a co-worker friend recently about the life and passing of a sweet friend that Jesus took home after her 6+ years of fighting cancer leaving behind a young family.  The words pouring in from all over the world via social media and other venues were all pointing to her life well lived, loving people, and how she had lived out Jesus.

As I was having this discussion I said, "It all has me thinking about how I would be remembered."

Their response was, "Oh, you would be remembered like that... for being nice, considerate, kind..."

And as inappropriate as it probably was for me to interrupt, that's exactly what I did.  And I interrupted with these words before I could even think twice about what was coming out of my mouth... (that actually happens more than I'd like to admit which can get me in to trouble.) 
"But I don't want to be remembered for just being nice.  I want to be remembered as someone who pointed to Jesus in every. single. thing.!"

I've continued to consider this immediate, visceral reaction from deep within.  And it is giving me something to pursue. To strive for.  To be conscious of.  To be intentional with.

Not for anything for myself, but all for His Glory!

How about you?  Have you given much thought to how you would like to be remembered when the day comes?  What are you doing or changing to make that a reality as much as possible?


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