How to Begin Quiet with Just 5 Minutes a Day

Do you feel like you are running with no time to rest?  Do you drop into bed each night exhausted and falling asleep before your head even hits the pillow?  Do you find days filled without time for even a minute to reflect?

Do you find yourself experiencing mounting frustrations?  Dreading what the next day, the next minute has in store because you haven't even completed yesterday's tasks... or can't even remember what those were?

I have experienced those very frustrations of busy, overwhelmed, noise, chaos, and no time for much of anything or anyone... especially time with what was most important... Jesus.

It was a desire of mine to learn and implement the rhythms of...

Pace Slowing
Moment Enjoying 
Time Treasuring

What if I told you I started with just 5 minutes a day?

Would you be up for the 5 minute challenge?

A Couple FAQ's I have been asked when presenting it to people:

* a closet
* your car
* the back porch

Location doesn't matter so much as you find somewhere that you can get away for complete solitude.  

Nothing!  That's right.  Don't do anything in that time but just be... you and God.

Start out without even bringing a Bible during that time.  So often my Bible reading became just another "to do". 

Just use this time to be honest with God.  Talk to Him. Perhaps even out loud. Be honest.  (He's even okay if you share your frustrations, anger, etc.  Just read the Psalms some time if you aren't convinced...)
And then just sit.  Be in His presence.  
If you aren't hearing anything, just picture in your mind Him sitting there with you. 
His Presence.

I often picture myself just bowing at the feet of His throne worshipping and praising Him for all that He is...  and listening, and proclaiming with the heavenly beings... 

Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty.  Who was, and is, and is to come.  Worthy....
Note: you may want to bring paper and pen for the purpose of writing down any distractions that will come to mind.  I say "will" because it's almost guaranteed it will happen.  Write them down to refer to and deal with later.  Don't waste this precious time with what will fill the rest of your day!

~~SET A TIMER if needed
 I realize that even 5 minutes may seem like a very long time to begin with.

But be intentional.  Setting a timer helped me to not glance at the clock every 30 seconds wondering how much longer I had to go.  It helped me to really work at just quieting, knowing that the clock was keeping time.

Don't go into this time with any expectations other than to begin training your own heart and mind in the practice of sitting with Him in His presence.   

"Wasting time with God."

I remember beginning to train myself to this practice.  It wasn't easy in the beginning, but oh the benefits this practice and the sweet and special moments that have come out of it!
Once you have 5 minutes, increase to 10. And then 15.  And then 30.  And then 60. And then...

Once you begin to learn the rhythms of quiet, the stillness, the settled-ness...begin to bring in music, and Bible reading, and journaling, etc.

Pace Slowing
Moment Enjoying 
Time Treasuring

Keeping company with God...

Challenge Modifications:
* If you already have consistent time with Jesus, the challenge I issue to you (and that I am taking on) is to consistently increase that by at least 5 minutes.  And does some of that time include setting everything aside and just "being" with Him?

What about you?  
* Are you in?  Would love to hear if you are taking on this 5 minute challenge!  
* What other ways have you found to quiet and still yourself to just be in His presence?


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