A Prayer Perspective

"I don't really care what we talk about.  I don't care when we talk.  I just want to talk...  To think that time was made in a busy schedule to check in with ol' ma'... that alone would be the gift."

~Thoughts I was having with my oldest now away at college.  I just wanted to communicate and have that connection with him.

And as I was thinking through these types of thoughts... a prodding came to my spirit from a still small voice...

"YES!  That's exactly how I feel about you talking to me.  You don't have to come with some laid out plan, or agenda, or list.  In fact, I like it quite nicely when we 'just be' together.  When we talk doesn't matter.  You being conscious to just make the time is enough.  No rules.  No expectations.  No set conversation or formalities.  Let's just talk..."

My boy being so many miles away.  Noticing the time that lapses between our conversations.  The longing in my heart for it to not be so.

It all helps to bring me to a new perspective on talking to Him~ my Father.... this thing called prayer.


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