Accompany? Or Lead?

I had started a practice as I would drive to work each morning.  I would envision Jesus sitting next to me in the passenger seat.  As I was driving, I would pray about the day ahead and ask him to come along and join me.

One morning things distinctly changed.

I was on my way to work.  I envisioned His place next to me.  But it became clear to me that I was approaching it all wrong.

When asking Him to join me in my day, it was still leaving the plans and all it encompassed... about me.

This particular day, my request changed.

Instead of asking Him to join me, I asked Him to lead me.

I began to envision the plans that He might have for that day.  I asked for a sensitive spirit to be aware to what plans He had, and what direction He wanted and needed to take each moment.

No longer is my request that He accompanies me, but rather that He would lead me.

My prayer is a request to join Him!

(Note:  I intended to post this yesterday.  However, a phone call first thing in the morning completely re-arranged my schedule.  Nothing like a prayer (such as I posted about above) being answered so clearly and waiting for my action.)

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