Lies I Believed

I am coming to recognize some lies I have believed.

 It seems a scary thing to share them in such a public place.  However, as I have come to recognize these lies, I have also come to recognize that it is in bringing things into the light of Him and His Word that they lose their power.  It is in darkness and secrecy where doubt surfaces and battles of the mind are lost.

And so, here are a couple lies I have believed...

Lie #1:  To share what God is doing in my life is spiritual pride.  Someone (whose opinion I valued very much) told me this a few years ago.  Somehow, it nestled itself into my thinking and I began to believe it, not for others, but for myself.

Not wanting to even remotely resemble spiritual pride, I stopped telling my story... except to a select few.  For some time after shutting down with those I knew in person, I was able to continue sharing here.  And as the things of life increased, somehow it stopped... even in this place.

Truth #1:  The Bible speaks numerous times of sharing our story.  Words such as "tell the nations" and "give praises among the people" appear throughout.  In Revelation we read they "overcame by word of their testimony" and all through Acts that's exactly what the New Testament believers did.  They told the story of what Jesus had done and was doing for them.  Their story... it's all they had.  It's what they knew best.

My story.  It's all I have.  It's what I know best. 

And so, I'm sharing again.  Both in this place AND to those around me.  Still checking my motives, but trusting that if I'm clear in my heart I am to move forward and trust God to check my heart if my motives turn to anything other than bringing Him glory.

Lie #2:  I really don't need to be in real relationship with other people to be all that God created me to be.  I can support them and listen to them sharing the deepest parts of their souls without me fully exposing mine and still be able to live the full abundant life He has for me.

Truth #2:  I can not fully be the woman God created me to be without risking being in real relationship with others.  He created us for community, to be vulnerable, to be real.

Even before sin came into the world, God uttered "It is not good" when he was referring to Adam being alone.  He was created for relationship.  And Eve was created.

Yes, I can get along without risking relationship with others, but to live the fully abundant life I was created to live can not be done without it.

(Even so, it is imperative to also find safe people with which to bear the deepest of deep.  Note to self:  First line of business... make sure I'm a safe person for others!)

These are two lies that have surfaced and that I am finding myself navigating through.  I'm discarding the lies and clinging to/ believing in truth!

Is it scary to step out from under these?  Yes!  Does it feel risky? Yes!  Could it lead to hurt and misunderstanding? Yes!  Is it worth the risk?  I believe it is!

Let's get the lies of our hearts and minds out of the darkness and into the light of what He says about them.  It is in that place they begin to lose their power...

What lies have you believed?



  1. Lostmichelle9:36 AM

    Thank you for sharing these. It always troubles me when people of faith try to tear others down through the Word or belief. When this happens we struggle and start to believe more lies and build walls of protection. I struggle with lies that others have given me, that I'm too loud and outspoken; that I don't know what I'm talking about since I am a new(er) Christian (even 14 years later). I think it is so good that you are laying down these lies and embracing the truth. Praying for you.

  2. MyQuietCorner1:44 PM

    Yes, how easy it is to build walls of protection... and how difficult to bring them back down! Thank you for sharing the lies you have identified. I pray that as you call them out you are able to embrace truth and be, unashamedly, exactly who GOD CREATED YOU to be! Prayers and Hugs to you!!

  3. Kristy B5:01 PM

    Excellent points!
    For me, recently, it has been the enemy whispering the lie to me, telling me that I am just trying to manipulate God. Just because I had breakthrough last time I did that, doing it again is just trying to manipulate God.
    Such a lie!
    Connect with God. He cannot be manipulated or made to do what He does not want to do. Praying, fasting, crying out are not methods of manipulation, they are methods of communication.
    Tough season lately, but deep lessons.

  4. MyQuietCorner10:25 PM

    And this is an excellent point! Reading this brought to light the beginnings of a whispering lie to my own heart. Thanks for sharing this! Yes, it's about connecting, communicating, relationship.... as a daughter of the King of Kings! Praying and then praying some more friend!... Hugs!


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