How to Pray With Your Latte

Human trafficking is a reality in our world.  There are 27 million people in slavery today.  I heard it said that this number is more than in all the 400 years of slavery in the past.  I can't even begin to truly comprehend a number like 27 million...

I have learned that in some countries, the cost of buying a young girl for s*x is the cost of a latte in American dollars.

From now on, when you buy a latte (or drink coffee for that matter), would you pray specifically for these young children? (Boys are also being trafficked just much more underground.) Would you pray for our world to become passionate about seeing it's end no matter the cost? Would you pray for hearts to be changed that would in turn put an end to the demand?

Would you pray and ask God how He might like you to be involved?  

Prayer is a great place to begin...


  1. OH, I will pray! When I think of this, I always think of my children and grandchildren and I can't imagine!

  2. UGh! Definitely, thank you for putting it in comparable terms - even though it fires me up!

  3. What a great reminder and idea. I will definitely pray.


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