Would You Give of Yourself... with No Name?

The other night while driving home from work I was challenged.  They were interviewing a young gal who had just recently graduated from a Bible college.  She was living and ministering in another country, giving of her very life.  However, they couldn't use her name on the radio for the sake of her safety.

She interviewed... with no name.

Instantly the thought struck me.  Would those of us that find ourselves giving to others continue to do those same things with the same intensity of effort and determination of heart... if our names were in no way associated with that?

It caused me to personally evaluate my own heart.  My own motives.  It forced me to call it all into account, making sure that everything I say, do and am about is for God and His glory alone.

Ministering with no name.  This challenge has now been added to the things I evaluate as a personal assessment from time to time.  

"People see what we do.  God sees why." 


  1. Very convicting. Love the last line. Good thing to keep in the forefront of our minds.

  2. I often ask God if my motivation is right when I do something.


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