Plans of Hope

Hope: "Not living in denial or escapism. Rather, to be looking fully and honestly at the circumstances that I can see, but choosing to live in those circumstances based on the realities that I know are there but can not see. In other words: Remembering the realities that I don't see in the midst of those I do see." ~~Shirley Mullen
I want increasing hope. Not pretending that the reality of my circumstances don't exist, or that I don't even recognize what all the implications are of those specific circumstances.

But to see those circumstances, and then to strain to a higher level of remembering all of the realities of my circumstances that I can not see and choosing to live in the realm of those instead... promises from God.

Jer. 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord. "Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you a Hope and a future."

I was reminded of the circumstances that this verse is tucked into the middle of.  So often it can be neatly removed from it's place forgetting the setting in which it was promised.

Israel was in exile.

Exile: "Any place you've been taken that you don't want to be". 

A false prophet was giving them the hope of return in just 2 years. And then comes along Jeremiah... prophesying not just 2 years, but in fact 70 years!

In the midst of what must have been despairing news and awakening reality, God then includes this great promise.  He has plans...not of harm but instead of prosperity, of hope, of a future.

In their exile they had NOT been forgotten. Even there He was mindful. But even MORE than mindful. He had plans.

Plans.  Already in place.  Established.  Ready. He was at work and they would be the beneficiaries of His work.  His plan.

And even better... His work?  His plan?

It. Was. Good!

Reminding myself that what I see around me is not the whole story!

Hope: "Remembering the realities that I don't see in the midst of those I do see." ~~Shirley Mullen


  1. What a relief to read this post just after perusing another blog in which people who've been unemployed long term tell their stories. Many have completely lost hope. So it's especially good to read about the real hope our Lord gives us, wherever we are exiled.

  2. Nikkipolani: Yes, I can understand how it would be possible to lose all hope without Christ. How sad that makes my heart for those who find themselves in that place, without hope... without Him!

  3. Years ago we had a Pastor, an amazing teacher, who said that hope in scripture means confident expectation. It is the expectation you've described - that God will do something good.
    Donetta, I pray that your hope will soar and that He will work all things together for your good.

  4. Without that hope we have nothing! Truly I want to hold on to that with all my might.

  5. I like Linda's description above. Confident expectation. With Christ, we can have that. And I love what you said about God's plans already established and in place! We can have hope that there is more than what we see our circumstances to be.


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