The Challenge of Modeling

I am a model.  

Are you surprised? I have been at it for quite some time. I often forget that I am a model. It has become a natural part of my day. I don't work at it as much as I should. I need to remember this fact more often. I'm sure I would be much more effective if I would.

There is a great challenge that comes with modeling. The responsibility that accompanies modeling can be almost daunting and intimidating if I think about it much. It can lend itself to wanting to give up for fear I will be a complete failure.

You are a model.

Are you even more surprised?

We are all models...
*  whether we want to be or not
*  regardless of whether we think we are qualified or not
* whether we signed up for the job or not

I was reminded of this fact not so long ago. My MIL was sick. My daughter decided on her own that she would make her a card. I later saw her with a Bible in her lap copying words from it. This is not uncommon as she enjoys sitting and copying books word for word to another paper.

However, I soon learned she was copying from the Bible into the card for my MIL. Here is what she copied:

Acts 10:5-6
"Now send men to Joppa to bring back a man named Simon who is called Peter.  He is staying with Simon the tanner, whose house is by the sea." 

Do you find yourself chuckling? We did! It has nothing to do with the illness of my MIL and the get well wishes contained in the card.
I often include a Scripture in the cards that I send. I love God's Word and want to share it with others. Obviously, she has not yet connected the fact that I try to send a Scripture that also pertains to the message of the card that I am sending.

What she sees is a Bible open on my lap as I copy from it into the card. The content of the verse related to the card has not yet connected for her.

She was modeling what she had seen me do so many times. She reminded me, I am a model. The question is... What am I modeling?

That one question leaves me with a challenge to fill my day and many days to come. My hope is that the things I model are things worth repeating.

There has been a great task placed before me. Whether it be your children, other children, or just those around... I'm guessing you also face the same task.  It is the challenge of modeling.

Have you thought of yourself as a model before?  What things do you notice your children (or others) model after you?  What do you find are the greatest joys, and the greatest responsibilities of modeling?


  1. Oh, that is very thought provoking!

    But as I read that I wondered if you daughter was thinking of Peter healing?

  2. Or maybe of Christ's healing Peter's MIL???

    You always make me think!

  3. Nancygrace, Now you're the one making me think! :-) I hadn't thought about that or put those things together.

    When asking her how she selected the verse she didn't have a reason. She just opened to one. And when I read the events surrounding the selected passage, it was about Cornelius sending for Peter to come and share Christ with him, a Gentile.

    Thanks for making me re-think and ponder that!! :-)

  4. I lost you too! I think Blogger has a sidekick with a name starting with S. How outrageous, and how wonderful you alerted me to this. I have a lot of catching up to do, sweet friend, and I loved your post today. LOVED it. So true, and I grinned at her choice, but oh, you are doing so well as her model! Refining things can come later!

  5. You are an excellent model!

    And your influence goes well beyond your 4 walls...even though that is the most important place!


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