Diapers, Noses and Eternity

Do you sometimes wonder how to appropriately apply a sermon given? I find for myself that sometimes it takes a bit of stepping back and thinking outside of the ordinary.

Yesterday's sermon was about evaluating our time and how we spend it. One of the points was to spend our time wisely by keeping eternity in mind. To make our moments count for eternity.

I'll be honest, one question that came to mind was, "So, how does one make changing diapers, scraping cheerios off of the floor, and keeping up with the many but mundane (and often not so glamorous) tasks in the everyday count for eternity?"

Almost immediately I was reminded of this quote from Dee Breston as she reflected on mothering her own young children.

"I was not wiping bottoms and noses, I was nurturing an eternal soul."
Yes! That is how daily diapers, laundry, dishes, dinners, schoolwork and every other mundane task that fills our days so routinely can impact eternity.

Whether it's our children, husbands or just others that surround us in our days...

We have the opportunity, the potential and can in fact be... nurturing eternal souls...

What eternal soul(s) will you have the incredible privilege to nurture today?


  1. Preach it Sister!

    This morning our 5 year old took Lord's Supper FOR THE FIRST TIME! Such a phenomenal Christmas present!

    And the Lord showed me that we were given this child to encourage us! Even at 5 she encourages me in my Bible study because even with faithful reading of the Bible, studying His word, carefully listening to sermons and seminary classes I have a hard time answering some of her questions!

  2. Anonymous12:52 AM

    An excellent reminder, Donnetta. There's so much small stuff... and it all adds up.

  3. Absolutely Donnetta. It is, I think, in the faithful doing of the ordinary that great things for eternity are done.

  4. This reminder will never get old. Never. Thanks. :)


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