Training in Counterfeit

I have heard it said that those who are trained to recognize counterfeit money have specific training. However, they do not study the variety of counterfeit money created. That would allow for something new to be created that they wouldn't easily recognize.

Instead, they study the real thing... real money.

This enables them to be ready and prepared to recognize the counterfeit, whatever new creation someone has created, more readily.

I believe the same applies to God's Word. If I am only studying the different belief's and religion's or only reading and listening to what others say, a newly thought up idea or creation may slip in undetected.

However, if I study the real thing... the very Word of God... the Bible, then I will be able to recognize more readily anything that does not line up.

"The more we know the Word, the quicker we recognize what is setting itself up against the knowledge of God." --Beth Moore in "Praying God's Word Day by Day"
I'm training to recognize spiritual counterfeit. How about you?

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  1. So true, Donnetta! Sometimes I have to catch myself because it's so easy to just read everyone else's books on God's word rather than getting in and studying God's word for myself.


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