The Not So Quiet Weeks of My Break

In case you were wondering, I have not forgotten you all or this place. I wish I could say that life for us has been as quiet as the words on these pages have been the last few weeks.

We have had a visitor in our family since the first week in August. I had not intended for my current break to last this long, but the visitor is being quite stubborn, refusing to leave and draining every ounce of extra energy or time that I have. Although the visitor did give us one week of reprieve, every other week since Aug. 1 has included our visitor... and frankly I'm quite done!

Our visitor's name?.... Pneumonia

It started with our two older children being diagnosed and very ill with it. It then moved on to the little guy whose visit to urgent care just this morning revealed he is still in full battle against it. And to top it all off, now my hubby is very ill with it as diagnosed by our urgent care trip this morning.

Four out of the five of us have had a diagnosis of pneumonia in the last six weeks. All 3 of the children have had more than one antibiotic as the first ones weren't working, and 2 of them have had allergic reactions to antibiotics. Three of them have required breathing treatments every 4 hours in one form or another.

And amazingly, in the middle of all of this, some other big events have also taken place in these last few weeks:

* We had a week long family vacation with strict orders from the doctor to make it a resting vacation only.

* The oldest got his braces off.

* School started. It's official. We now have a High schooler and our daughter is in Jr. High.

* I worked one week of full time with my hubby doing the "Mr. Mom" thing. Both of us discovered a renewed appreciation of the days we each one encounter on a regular basis.

* I have completed 3 of the books waiting for their big reveal and giveaway and the 4th one is underway. Some FANTASTIC reads!!! More to come on this...

* I received a Kindle as a B-Day gift from my hubby. Now to just get a book or 2 downloaded. Any recommendations?

As for blogging, interestingly enough, in the past I have gone into each break pursuing whether to continue or not.

I entered this break fully intending to come back in full force. However, recent days have left me pondering, seeking and questioning my blogging and how/if it still fits for me. Not sure if my thinking is stemming from reality or sheer exhaustion?...

So, until things settle down in my world, a final decision one way or the other will not be made! Any thoughts, feedback or otherwise you'd like to share regarding this would be welcome.

In the middle of it all, God is stretching me, challenging me, growing me, convicting me and giving my head and heart a workout like it's not had for quite some time. I am so grateful He never ceases to change me or give up on me as a hopeless cause!


  1. Anonymous1:41 AM

    So Mr Pneumonia refused to take hints, huh? And he brought Ms Complications along to visit you, too... Hope you are all on the way to full recovery.

    As for the blogging, I'm not sure you need to make a decision right this minute. It'll keep. Hang in there, Donnetta.

  2. Donnetta, I was just wondering how you were doing the other day. I'll be praying for you and your family that the unwanted guest leaves. I've been there and know what a drain it can take when you're all sick and it doesn't seem like there's an end.

    In regards to blogging, I'll be praying for your decision. It's one that you need to make through prayer.

  3. It is so good to hear from you again Donnetta. I didn't realize things were still so difficult. It is so easy to get caught up in the busyness of my own life.
    I will be praying for healing and for wisdom in the decisions you make.

  4. Wow, Donnetta! Praying that pneumonia is gone for good from your household. May God strengthen your mind and heart as you minister to your family!

  5. I am so sorry you were hit so hard. As far as blogging I have just said "I will blog when led" so far that has not been too much. There are advantages and disadvantages, but mostly I am not missing it as much as I thought.

    Sending you a cyber HUG!!

  6. Anonymous6:05 PM

    I really enjoy reading your blog.
    I hope you all are feeling better soon.

  7. I've missed you. A lot. That said, I get it. I haven't blogged in almost 18 months. I've missed doing it, but there just doesn't ever seem to be enough time and energy. Someday, maybe.

  8. I'm so sorry for the awful sickness. I pray everyone will be back to normal soon! I would miss you terribly if you stopped blogging!

  9. I just said a prayer for you. I totally understand taking a blogging break. I have had to do the same this past year. You do not have to blog every day either. Just whenever the Lord leads you.



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