My 2x4 Moment

Do you ever have those situations where you are minding your own business? You are paying attention to the moment, focusing on the here and now, oblivious to anything else around you and then…. POW… He does it. Out of nowhere, completely unexpected, never saw it coming.

God speaks right in the middle of what you are doing and OUCH… it feels as if you’ve encountered a 2x4?

Well, it happened to me. I encountered a 2x4.

There are just times in my life I don’t get it and that is all God has left. He tries to speak gently… I don’t listen. He tries to show me through things around me or even His Word… I don’t see it. He tries to explain it to me… I don’t get it. Sometimes it just takes a 2x4. Sometimes there needs the sting, the bruising… AH HA… the light bulb moment.

Do your children ever whine and beg? I heard it recently. I responded saying, “This is no longer up for discussion. You need to stop whining right now. I am not going to respond to your whining and begging. There are other things that need to be done right now. Continuing to whine and beg is not going to change the situation. You just need to stop!”

AND THEN IT HAPPENED!!!! *BANG* The 2x4 moment….. God speaks and this is what I hear Him say….

“Why do you continue to whine about your situation? Why do you continue to beg for an answer? Why do you question the place you are in?

This is not the time to reveal what the plans are. There is a time for that and that time is coming, but it is not now.

Why are you continually asking me the same questions repeatedly? Why do you not trust me to take care of you? Why do you think I have forgotten you and your situation? How could I have forgotten? You have not given me a moment to forget with your whining and complaining.

You have continued to require and request answers from me that I am not able to give you at this time. Not because I don’t have them… I do. But because this is not the time for that.

Stop whining. Stop begging. I am not going to respond to your whining and begging. There are other things that need to be done right now. Other things you need to be focusing on and working on. Continuing to whine and beg is not going to change the situation. You just need to stop!”

Do you see it? The swelling from my encounter with the 2x4? I walked into the 2x4 because I wasn’t looking where I was going… I was looking at everything EXCEPT where I needed to be which is right in front of me. I was too busy whining and begging for things to be different that I couldn’t see them as they are… a 2x4 in front of me.

Oh Lord, forgive me for being a big baby! Forgive me for being selfish and wanting my own way. Forgive me for my rude, demanding, and dictating spirit. Forgive me for the tantrum I have been throwing (privately of course… wouldn’t be very pretty to do it in public) because I am not getting my own way nor my own timing.

I have been a little girl, driving you crazy with my demands, my whining, my complaining, my begging…not recognizing that you are busy in my life. You are attempting to teach me. It’s just not the lesson I want to be learning so I have been ignoring you. I’m sorry. So very sorry.

Hey God, can I keep this 2x4 as a reminder? A souvenir of sorts? Thanks.

And hey, thanks for the ice pack for the bruising and swelling. I appreciate it!


  1. Yeah it hurts sometimes, but God does that so we remember, ha. Hugs.

  2. Anonymous11:40 AM

    I tell ya, nothing shuts me up faster than when I recognize in myself the very same thing I'm complaining about in others. Ouch is right.

  3. What a timely post, probably for us all! I complain way too much and need reminding that I have been and continue to be so blessed and need to be still and wait!

  4. Miss Pear will share her polar bear ice pack with you....

    But you know what, the painful lessons, the ones that knock us out are the ones we remember the best.

    Although I am grateful that the reminders I got this week were a bit more gentle. Although I still feel like an idiot because it is along the lines of, "once again, let me remind you...."

  5. I have had many an ouch moment myself. Thank God He for his patience and mercy is all I can say!


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