Life as We Know It... Right Now

Good Morning. Come on in. Coffee's on. Cool drinks are in the fridge. Goodies are out. Help yourself.

I can't stay long today.

It started with the little guy on Friday and has continued through the weekend. My oldest found himself included on Saturday.

HIGH fevers, aches and vomiting. The little guy seems to be getting to the other side of it. My oldest says he feels better this morning but the thermometer isn't showing much difference yet.

To top off an exhausting weekend, VBS in the SonQuest Rain Forest starts tonight and I am leading the music. I have two and half hours of singing these songs with actions every night.

I do enjoy it, but circumstances are leaving me heading into it already somewhat weary. There is still a bit of prep left to do to be ready.

Praying desperately that my hubby doesn't get ill. There is no one to cover for him at work. Praying I don't get it as that would really put a kink in the VBS plans for everyone. Praying our daughter doesn't get it and praying for fully restored health for the two boys.

Now, if you'll please excuse me... I have children to tend to, songs to put the finishing touches on and extra amounts of energy to muster.

I owe some of you returned e-mails, and I will get to them. I promise. I just need a little longer to get us all to the other side of life as we know it right now...

Please make yourself at home, talk amongst yourselves and as you think of it, prayers would be appreciated!


  1. I hope everyone feels better soon, and vbs goes well.

  2. I do pray the rest of you don't get this bug! You're way too busy to get sick!

  3. Praying for grace and strength for you and for protection.


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