Family Favorite: I am Free

You know how it is said that "opposites attract"? Well, that is true when it comes to my husband and I and our response to music.

He's not near as drawn to music as I am. So, when he mentions a particular song that he likes, or makes a comment about a certain piece, I take notice.

This is one of those songs. It has become a family favorite. When it is playing, we crank up the volume. By the end of it we find ourselves up and moving, singing along and loving every minute of it.

So, crank up the volume and join along. It is a family favorite here and one worth taking part in... celebrating the truth of the words with every breath!

I Am Free
by Ross Parsley

Through You the blind will see
Through You the mute will sing
Through You the dead will rise
Through You all hearts will praise
Through You the darkness flees
Through You my heart screams
I am free

I am free to run (I am free to run)
I am free to dance (I am free to dance)
I am free to live for You (I am free to live for You)
I am free (I am free)


Chorus (3xs)

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  1. This is a standard for worship at our church! Love it! *;)

  2. I love this song. When my 10 year old son was little, he used to listen to it with the Newsboys and dance. It was so awesome to watch him. It's become one of our family favorites.

    Have a blessed week!

  3. We sing this one in church Donnetta. Love it!

  4. New song to me! Love it and definitely a song to sing along with! God bless.

  5. I haven't heard this version before Donnetta, it is very nice. If you and your sweetie both like it, even better!! Thanks for linking up today! :O)

  6. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Love this song -- made me smile when I heard it here today. Thanks!

  8. Anonymous1:00 AM

    Yes! One of my favorite songs, esp the percussion ;-)


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