The Recent Things of My Days

I haven't had much time for this lately:

In addition to normal, everyday tasks that the weekly schedule holds, as well as wrapping up everything related to the end of another school year...

When it's not raining, I've been busy doing some of this:

And extra moments find me being drawn to, encouraged and challenged reading this:

Many evenings have found me outside relaxing and just enjoying time with my family around this:

And any moment that the little guy notices I am sitting, he grabs a book of his and requests my lap and full attention for a lot of this:

Just for the record...I wouldn't change any of it one bit.


  1. It's all good stuff! Sounds like your priorities are right where they should be.

  2. And that's the way it should be. :v)

    I would join you in a minute around that campfire!

  3. I love when they come onto our lap, especially when we're preoccupied with cleaning, and remind us of what is important.

  4. woo hoo - sound like great days to me!

  5. Good for you! I'm envious of your ability to be still and enjoy the things in life that really are meaningful. Thanks for your example...

  6. Yes... sounds perfect! :)

  7. It all sounds heavenly.

  8. Your life is busy, but so many happy moments!

  9. And change it, you shouldn't! Mommy moments are the BEST!!

    More power to you. Enjoy.


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