This and That

A sunny good morning to you. I'm hoping that as you stop by for a visit today you'll allow me the time and pleasure of some small talk just to catch up.

I seem to be getting to the other side of the head pounding, burning throat, deep cough, runny nose illness that I have had for the last few days. My daughter and the little guy have accompanied me with this illness so the 3 of us have been laying pretty low and just getting by.

The pounding in my head left and my voice began its return just in time for soccer practice with music practice following. I was afraid that would take it completely away again, but so far it remains. A bit grovely, but present nonetheless.

Soccer and track season are now in full swing with weekly games and meets underway. Soccer goes way back in our family, but track is a new sport for us. What a fun adventure to be taking together.

We took our son out shopping to get his under armor for track earlier this week. Oh my goodness! The cost of that alone was more than we budget for one month of clothing for the entire family. Good thing I had a reserve built up.

The good news is that it inspired me to go through all the clothes I had been setting aside to take to the consignment shop. I got that sorted and to them. I ended up with $25 from what they decided to take which has already been put back into the clothing budget. Whew. That feels a little better anyway.

I'm so blessed that you've stopped today for a visit. Can I get you another cup of coffee?... Do you even drink coffee or would you prefer something else?

We received notification that the first step in additional evaluations for our daughter has been approved. Praising God for the way He worked that out. Now just waiting to get the actual evaluation scheduled so we can make plans from there.

I just finalized plans for a giveaway! I am so excited. The item is on it's way. They have even provided me with a special code so if you aren't the random winner, you can purchase the item at a discount. I eagerly await it's arrival. Stay tuned...

During my quiet time this morning something happened that hasn't happened in quite awhile. My mind was racing. I had to get a sheet of paper and write down all of my thoughts to deal with later so I could focus on settling my mind and heart.

Does that ever happen to you? What do you do to get past it? My list of thoughts is still tucked in my Bible. Guess I'd better grab that and transfer those thoughts to their appropriate places. (schedule, to do list, grocery list, etc.)

The sun is shining and we are expected to hit 70 as a high this weekend. Bring It On!

The extended forecast is back to lower 60's with rain but I won't focus on that right now. Instead I am going to soak up every ounce of this lovely weather that I can!

Okay, enough about me. What are the things that have been filling the moments of your days lately?

I'm settling in with my cup of coffee, ready to listen and eager to hear all that you have to share.

How have YOU been?


  1. I'll have coffee thank you!

    My husband looked at that armor under once for hunting and just gasped! I know it is soooo expensive but it must be good! That is if you get what you pay for :)

    So thankful for you recovery and your daughter's approval for more evaluation!

    Thanks for being such a precious friend!

  2. I loved this chatty post. It was just like sitting in your kitchen over a hot cup of coffee.

    So glad the testing stuff worked out for your daughter.

    You've got my curiosity up about the giveaway!

    Track is one thing that none of my kids were into. Basketball, rugby, fencing, curling and badminton is what they chose.

    My moments? I had a new babe start in dayhome this week and she's not a cryer but a screamer. So I'm pretty exhausted and I still have one day before the weekend. Thank you Lord for quiet evenings! We're expecting gorgeous weather for the next few days after that crazy blizzard that blew through. Looking forward to some sun and no wind!

  3. Enjoyed reading this my friend. under armor is expensive (psst...ebay). My boys need some under armor when they played football and with three boys you can image that added up.

    Look forward to your giveaway. Hope you all feel better soon.

  4. A nice catch-up visit with you, Donnetta :-) When my mind is racing with other details, I tend to force myself not to think of them, rather then write them down to deal with later. Because if I stop to do that, I'll get carried away with the list and run out of time for quiet time.

    Hoping for extended sunshine for you soon!


Thank you for taking a moment to stop and chat. I enjoy the presence of you!