Signs of Spring

Just because today's list is quick and to the point doesn't mean they are any less favorite than favorite's of the past. They are just things that don't need much extra explanation.

I mean, who wouldn't favorite signs of Spring?

1. Sports: Weekly soccer games and track meets are in full swing.

2. Sleeping: with the windows open and the aroma of cool, fresh air. (Since it is still quite brisk, I use my heating blanket to keep warm.)

3. Blossoms & Blooms: Beautiful!

4. BBQ's and Bonfires: We started with a BBQ dinner that we ate outside . Then we used our bonfire pit and had our first real bonfire with the works... friends, marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate. Oh yes, and the smoke.

Throughout the evening we found ourselves singing this little ditty:

5. Birds and Daylight: I am enjoying welcoming in the day listening to the song of birds in the morning and having a longer day with the extended daylight in the evening.

Taking the time to slow the pace of my days to notice signs of spring has been so worth it! What signs of spring are you noticing? What were favorites from your week?

Thank you to Susanne for hosting each week!


  1. Bonfires are my favorite! Aloha *;)

  2. It all sounds wonderful Donnetta. I saw the most beautiful butterfly today. It was on the hanging plant on the porch. It was like a special little gift from the Father.

  3. Except that we cannot have a fire, due to fire bans in the county, I would have included each of these items on my list, too!

  4. I had a few signs of spring in my favorites too! Haven't lit the bbq yet this year but soon. And now I am craving smores. :vP


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