Friday's Fave Five

Welcome Friday! This week has been one of those weeks that ended up being so very full.

I was counting down and crossing off each day on the calendar as it was completed, just as an encouragement to myself that I was surviving this week... one day at a time.

Five of my favorite things in the middle of such a busy week:

1. Thoughtful Actions: Our daughter was participating in the school's annual speech meet. Our little guy was being two and having a hard time remaining quiet. I took him to the foyer but was now on the other side of closed doors.

As it was my daughter's turn, one of the other mothers came into the foyer and offered to stay with the little guy so that I could go hear her participate. She even insisted that I go listen to a couple of the other children as well while she continued to play in the foyer with our little guy. What a generous and thoughtful action on her part!

2. Spontaneous Lunch: I was picking up my children from my MIL's after having finished an appointment. As we were talking she began pulling out this and that from the fridge. Before I knew it she had fed us an absolutely delightful lunch... and I had the blessing of her great conversation with it!

3. Family Walk: One evening after supper we took a family walk. We walked our property noticing the changes since we had last walked our trails. We noticed the seasonal creek that is flowing, downed trees from winter and signs of all the various animals that are making use of the property as well.

4. Picnic: On our 60 degree day, I realized it was much too nice to stay in the house. My daughter asked if we could have a picnic. It was so lovely in the sun, I decided we would. She watched the little guy outside while I made quick lunches for the three of us. What a fun time we had sitting in the sun eating our first picnic of the season. (Never mind that it kept my freshly swept and mopped kitchen floor clean that much longer.) :-)

5. Naps: This favorite is happening right now as I type this. It was enough of a favorite that it bumped out another thing to make this list. Our little guy is actually napping.

I put him to bed every afternoon in hopes he will take a nap. He will be in bed playing and talking, but very rarely does he actually fall asleep anymore. Needless to say that makes for some very long evenings until bedtime.

Well, today... he fell asleep! SShhhhh.....
Thanks to Susanne for hosting this each week.

What favorites did you notice in your busy week?


  1. It sounds like you MIL is a blessing and a great hostess! I would love to go on a picnic soon. The weather is nice, but way too windy for a picnic. Sounds like you had a terrific week! Hope you have another one!

  2. Family walks and picnics sound just wonderful -- making memories.

    How sweet that another mom thought of you and helped with Little Guy. That's a good reminder to us to be aware and sensitive, too.

    Happy weekend!

  3. That was an observant and thoughtful mom in your first item. Your walk and picnic sound delightful!

  4. Great favorite moments! Sweet MIL and sweet family times!

  5. It is so nice to have those sweet things within a demanding week. How wonderful to have that mom step up and bless you like that!! Also, sounds like you have an awesome MIL. I love walking, so I could feel the pleasure of your walk. And a sleeping kid, how fun is that! Loved you list, was smiling and blessed as I read them. :) I think a bit refreshed even. Love it.

  6. I enjoyed your list very much....

    What a thoughtful and observant lady to come look after your little one so you could hear your daughter.

    You have highlighted some beautiful things from your week.

  7. What a great FFF list. I know how much your daughter also appreciated your friend's thoughtfulness. Walks and picnics! Spring is coming.
    Have a great week!

  8. What a great list! I love that that sweet woman was so generous in helping you to share a special moment with your daughter! I have no MIL anymore and miss her so much:( But glad you have special moments with yours. Family walks, picnics and naps are 3 of my favorite things...Now I'm inspired to have a picnic with my daughter and the "Littles"...after a nice family walk, followed by a lucious nap!

  9. What a wonderful gift that Mother gave you. It shows me to be more sensitive to mom's of young children at those kinds of events.

    Walks and picnics are two of the things I most enjoy about spring coming.

    Your MIL was really sweet making you lunch. What a blessing. As is the little guy's nap.


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