Embracing Time

My sense of time has been seriously affected by the culture in which I live. I seem to have lost a sense of reality and perspective on time. The time given for most of my activities in life require little waiting.

Gone are the days of waiting for a meal to warm up or even cook. I have a microwave, or even a drive through.

No more waiting for the handwritten letter to arrive. I have a phone. I'm not even required to wait until I get home to use it. I have a cell phone. And if the phone doesn't meet my needs, there is e-mail or even instant messaging.

No longer must I wait all day for clothes to dry on a clothes line. Within an hour I can have clothes dried, folded and put away.

Even hundreds of years in the Bible are condensed nicely for a read in a few short days if I so desire. I can read the wait of others in a matter of minutes in any given story that I choose to reflect on.

These are just a few examples of how life around me has warped my sense of time. I have discovered something about myself. When something is not resolved immediately, or within a short period of time... somehow that does not feel acceptable. I whine, complain and question why things take so long. And yet, it is only in my own distorted sense of reality and time that this occurs at all.

I live in a world that fights time with all it's power. The world around me seems to dictate quickness, speed and more to be done in less time. I must fight this thinking with all that is in me. There is no choice but to fight.

Time is a process I am not very familiar with. Time is a process I am learning to love and embrace. Time is a concept that is becoming my friend.

Even with the world around me accomplishing more and more in less and less time, there are still things that remain held in the true sense of time. There are things that can not be rushed or sped up despite man's efforts to do so.

Time gives me permission to slow down, evaluate and work through so many racing thoughts, feelings and emotions. Time gives me permission to do the work required for a complete heart. I must allow time to be a part of the vocabulary used by my soul and spirit.

I am learning to embrace time. Are you?


  1. So much of my life was spent waiting for the future to arrive. Now I find myself wanting to slow time down and live more in the moment. "Time gives me permission to do the work required for a complete heart." ~ I will chew on that a while. Thanks for the encouragement! *;)

  2. Time is something I've been giving a bit of thought to recently...I like what you've said here.

  3. "Time gives me permission to do the work required for a complete heart."

    LOVE this! Bri and I were talking a few days ago and he said, "We live in such an instant gratification society. Everyone lives to 'do' and no one lives to just 'be'." In fact, we hardly know how to 'be' anymore. That's what I'm learning... to take the time to just 'be'.

    Love to you, friend.

  4. I'm learning this lesson right now, Donnetta. I am being taught that my time is not God's time and that I need to wait on Him and not try to make things happen instantly. Hard lesson for me.

  5. Thank you for this sweet reminder of learning to embrace time. I found your blog from the sweet comment you posted on my blog.

    I am so thrilled to find you. You are an inspiration and have been added to my favorites that I read everyday! May God bless you:)

  6. What a blessing it was to come to your blog. I pictured myself sitting on that couch and just spending some time with our Lord...I love the scripture on your banner. I have written that out many times in my own hand journal..quietness and trust in Him IS my strength..sigh..

    congrats on being nominated top 100

  7. So true, so true. I remember having to heat food in the oven and having to wait to talk on the phone that has a cord (not cordless). Heck my grandparents still had a phone you had to dial (rotary dial).


  8. Yes, LORD, walking in the way of your laws, we wait for you; your name and renown are the desire of our hearts. Isaiah 26:8

    "Waiting" becomes something good, when it's for the Lord. This post was an excellent reminder, Donnetta. Thank you.


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