Friday's Favorite Five

To be honest, I have had a pretty rough week emotionally. Coming off of a rough week physically the week prior with having all three of my children ill hasn't helped I'm sure.

Although a few places in my heart are still a bit raw, I have come to realize that God is at work. He is speaking some things to my heart that I'm convinced I would not have heard otherwise. It has not been easy but I know that if I just stay in the process... it will be worth it.

I also realize that it is during seasons such as this that I need to intentionally be thankful and look for those everyday things that become great blessings.

Please note that all of you are ALWAYS a favorite in my weeks! However, to give some variety I probably shouldn't include that on every list every week. ;-)

So, here are five of my other favorite things from this last week:

1. Music: For me, music touches something deep within my soul. It weaves truth into places unreached in my heart by any other venue. For me, music is healing, therapeutic, medicinal and a restorer of hope as I dwell on the words that point me to my Father.

2. Tears: A good cry helps me to release stress of the heart. Do you find that to be true also? If I can just be given some time to truly cry out, I come to the other side with clearer thoughts and a determination to get back on my feet ready to tackle life again.

3. Schedules: With having illness in the house we lost sight of our schedules and things that needed to be done. My daughter and I sat down this week and reviewed our previous schedules, made a few adjustments to allow for more realistic expectations, and are ready to tackle the hours of our days a bit more organized once again.

I have learned that with an 8th grader in a classroom setting, homeschooling a 6th grader and having a toddler in the house... if I do not have some type of a schedule, I get absolutely NOTHING done, which then begins to spiral my emotions in discouragement and a sense of being completely overwhelmed!

4. Library: I am able to read so many wonderful, even new release, books for free! I so enjoy that I can reserve the books and put them on hold online. They are then pulled and ready for me to swing by quick and pick up. Almost as quick as a drive through!

5. My Man: I have the most wonderful, amazing, godly and understanding husband! How he can know me, good and bad, the way he does and still choose to love and stand by me is so humbling. I love how just a simple glance can speak a thousand words to the depths of my heart and soul.

I am blessed....

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What unfolded as a favorite in your week?


  1. I'm with you 100% on the schedules. I struggle with keeping the balance between a high-expectation schedule and real life. But without a goal, how do you know when your done? I keep sane by remembering that this is just a season of chaos, and order will come...in time. *;)

  2. I use my library a lot too. I just love reading books for free!

    Sounds like a good week.

  3. AMEN about the good cry! So relieving and just good for a woman's heart.

    LOVE your favs. Always do. :)

  4. I rarely cry anymore....and I used to cry all the time. But I agree that it cleanses your being a little! I need to work on the schedule thing. I feel like lately I get very little done, and my day is really scattered! Thanks for the reminder to always look for the things we have to be grateful for!

  5. Know what I relate to SO much with your post today? "If I can just be given some time to truly cry out"

    Sometimes I crave nothing more than just to have the time to do it.

    Praying for you sweet sister in Christ

  6. I had a good cry myself on Tuesday, although it didn't feel so good at the time.

    And I heartily agree with your #4 and #5. I could have written those both about myself!

  7. Sorry you've had a hard week, Donnetta. But I so understand how when you intentionally look for things to be thankful for it helps make it better.

    I'm with ya on the schedule. I'm pretty much a routine girl in dayhoming. I find things go way smoother and way more gets accomplished.

    Yes to the library! I've got several on hold now.

  8. Donnetta, I'm so pleased that music is such a solace for your heart. And your reassessment of the schedule wounded like a good way restart the routine. #4 is wonderful, too! I love the electronic audiobook download feature at my library :-)

  9. This is a great FFF -- so honest. And this is one of the reasons I like Friday's Fave Fives so much. It makes me look back and consider the blessings.

    And, oh the library...one of my favorite haunts!

    Hope you have a great week!

  10. What a wonderful five. I love the way you worded each of them.


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