Cleaning and Decluttering... the Calendar

The new year seems to be a time of cleaning, de-cluttering, re-organizing and refreshing. I have been working on this myself.

I guess it never occurred to me until recently that this process should also be used in my schedule. I realized that some of the stress I was encountering was being brought on by choice, because of the things I had placed in the moments of my days.

There were some decisions that had to be made. Not so easy, but oh so necessary.

Some of the things that I have decided to not be a part of are of great ministry. One activity was even taking my writing to a more public forum. A stepping stone to bigger dreams.

However, when I considered all of the other things in my schedule, I recognized that some activities would need to be put aside. Perhaps I would be given another opportunity at a later date when I was in a different stage of life. Perhaps not.

Either way, when I placed all of the activities of my calendar in front of me, I had to choose, to prioritize, to decide. I needed to de-clutter the moments and focus of my days.

And I did.

I have been reminded that it is of great benefit to give more energy, time and focus to a few things instead of a little energy to a lot of things.

I was reminded that good things are not always the best things. I'm continuing to finalize and de-clutter my schedule.

Do you get the urge to declutter and reorganize at the first of the year? Have you ever considered doing the same thing with your time and schedule?

I learned that it is good...no, healthy and beneficial...to review how I am spending my time and make the tough decisions to focus and prioritize those things that are most important to me.


  1. I have looked at my schedule in the past and shook my head at what I had on it. Now I'm again getting to the point where I need to look at what I have and prioritize what's important and what can be put on the sideline.

    PS. I gave you an award over at Lost in the Prairies. Enjoy.

  2. For several years I felt like I was continuously on the run to be somewhere. When I finally sat down and took a ,good serious, prayerful look and scaled back it was the best thing I ever did. It wasn't easy to learn to say no but so much more rewarding with the few things I kept.


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