Bonus Features

Topic A

Have you ever noticed the bonus features section of a DVD? Do you ever watch it? I tend to be curious and see what it is they have included as part of the production that isn't part of the main feature. In our home we regularly watch the bonus feature, and even sometimes enjoy it as much as the feature presentation.

Topic B

Are you on facebook? You may or may not be aware that My Quiet Corner has a facebook page. I keep it up to date with what is shared here. Fans of that page are automatically notified in their facebook status updates when something is posted on my facebook page.

Connecting the Topics

Although I have kept my facebook page up to date with posts here, I have been somewhat at a loss of how else to use it.

I have an idea. I am SO excited about it! It will now include bonus feature type items for My Quiet Corner.

If you are already a fan, you don't need to do anything. Just be ready for the new activity.

If you are not yet a fan but would like to be part of the bonus features, you can become a fan (that sounds so weird to me!) by clicking here (then click on "become a fan" option at the top of the page), or click "become a fan" in the right sidebar here on this page.

NOTE: You will either need to already be signed in to facebook, or sign in after selecting a "become a fan" option noted above.

Okay my friends, tell me, is there anything YOU would like to see added, discussed or included on my facebook page as bonus features for My Quiet Corner?


  1. I love bonus features and you know I'm a fan! Can't wait to see what you've got planned. Aloha *;)

  2. Wonderful idea Donnetta, I love the bonus features of movies. I have no doubt that your 'My Quiet Corner' bonuses will be awesome, just sorry that I will miss out on them. :O(

  3. Unfortunately, facebook is something I've just been steeling myself against joining. Trying to keep my computer addictions to a minimum. :v{


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