Friday's Fave Five: Friend Focus

This week I was overwhelmingly reminded of the treasure of friends in my life. Five of my favorite ways I spent with friends this week:


1. and lunch: A friend invited me to lunch. The 2 hours we spent seemed like just minutes. Delightful!

2. and a party: Our ladies Christmas party at church was this week. Those friends are family to me. Anytime I get to spend with them doing anything is always a blessing!

3. and a phone: A local friend I haven't talked to in depth for quite some time called. I had no idea that it was 11:20 PM until we hung up and I looked at the clock. Late night but oh so worth it!

4. and coffee: Another friend invited me to her house one morning this week. We chatted over coffee and banana bread while the children played.

5. and music: The friends that sing on the worship team with me bless me each week. Having the opportunity to worship through music side by side with them, not just on Sundays but also as we practice each week is truly a special time.

The time I spent with friends this week is not a usual week for me. I then wonder, why not?

Now granted, I can't take large amounts of time from my usual responsibilities to just play all week. However, this week reminded me how empty that portion of my heart had become. It has prompted me to find more time to take out of my weeks to connect with others.

I was reminded how important and necessary it is to the health of my soul. A week full of conversation with friends were favorite parts of this week by far.

I have been challenged to look for more opportunities in the midst of my busy schedule to immerse my heart in friendship. Perhaps this challenge is applicable to your own schedule as well.

What has filled your week? Did you take the time for friends? What did you do with/for a friend this week?

Thank you Susanne for the continued encouragement to be mindful of favorite parts in my weeks.


  1. What great friends you have!! This was a good reminder that I need some friend time, I rarely ever do that!!!!!! :)

  2. Today I received a call from a friend I hadn't heard from in a while, what a refreshment to my soul!
    Definitely something I need to partake in more often. :O)

  3. I couldn't survive without my friends. I usually see at least one a day or talk to all of them another.

    Today I had a cookies exchange with some of my closest friends. Laughter, tears and hugs. What a way to spend the day!

  4. Friends are wonderful to share all those things you mention with. Especially the coffee ;)

  5. Wow, you really had a friendful week!

  6. What a great post, Donnetta! Friends are most definitely gifts from God.

  7. What a great week, full of friendship!

    I am fortunate that I work three days a week with a good friend. This afternoon I spent about 20 minutes talking on the phone with another dear friend. And I sent a birthday card to a third friend...

  8. Thank you Donnetta. I needed this reminder this week. Like you, this portion of my heart has been empty as well. That's what's been missing, and leaving me feeling - blah.


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