Friday's Fave Five: Job Style

Unbelievable! It's already Friday. Where does the time go?

If I've seemed somewhat absent this week, it probably is because I have been. I owe many of you visits. I owe some of you e-mails.

My husband had this last week off of work. He works a commission only job. That meant there would be no income for this week.

I usually work 10 hours a week. There are extra projects at work right now.

So, we switched roles this week. My hubby became Mr. mom and worked on some projects here at home while I went to work full time.

In light of that, I am going to put a bit of a twist on my Friday Fave Five hosted by Susanne. I was reminded this last week of these five things about my job that are favorite's for me.

1. I have a job: In a society where they are becoming harder to find, having a job is a favorite of mine.

2. Flexible hours: I am so blessed that I am able to work 10 hours a week. It is enough to keep my experience up and license current, but still allows for me to mostly be home with my family. Having it be flexible enough for me to pick up extra hours now and then is an added blessing.

3. Bits of Travel: My job finds me occasionally traveling. This week was one of those. It found me driving to just south of the Canadian border. Although it was a long day, the drive up was absolutely beautiful... sun shining and all.

4. Safety: With my trip North this week, driving home was a bit tense. It was dark and the route is heavily populated by deer. In fact, I saw a fresh hit by the side of the road just as I was leaving to head home. I was exhausted and relieved as I pulled into my driveway.

5. Co-Workers: My job can be quite stressful. It often seems there is more to do than what we can get done. However, I work with some amazingly incredible people! They are definitely part of my favorite's!

The end of the week has arrived. My husband is ready to return to work once again and I am ready to tend to the things at home. Times like these are good for us both to be reminded of what life is like on the other side.

My week became consumed with the corporate and medical world as a RN.

What filled your week this week? What happened in you life while I was out working?


  1. That sounds like an ideal job. I'm glad you had a beauitful drive during the week and a safe drive home. Great coworkers are a definite plus!

    Happy Friday!

  2. Yes, just having a job is a blessing. And getting to work with great people is a wonderful perk!

  3. This is what my daughter is studying for right now! She, too, wants to have that foot in the door to help out financially, but also to be available for her family most of the time! Nursing is a GREAT career for Moms! Good for you!

  4. We missed you Donetta. Glad to see you back. Hope this week wasn't too stressful for you.

  5. What an interesting week you've had Donnetta. I think it's a huge blessing that your job is so flexible.
    God is good. I'm so glad you are safe and sound.
    Have a blessed weekend dear one.

  6. What a blessing to have a job so flexible and allow variety.

    And you really should have just hopped on over that border and come for supper! :v)

  7. How wonderful to have work when your husband does not and to have a flexible job. I'll be looking for a flexible job after the first of the year. Hope it works out as well for me!

  8. Sometimes I wonder if it's a good idea for me to work the 9-10 hours a week that I do. Thanks for the reminder to be thankful for my job! It's the first one I've had in 8 years (I've had it for a year now), and I really enjoy it, but I miss supper two nights a week and sometimes feel guilty. The job has been a blessing as prices of things have gone up, so I need to focus on that part and on the fact that I homeschool, so I do spend a lot of time with my kids already!

  9. I think the flexibility you have is a huge gift, indeed! That you also have great people to work with is icing on the top. I'm glad to hear you've survived the extra commute.

  10. Well, I was out working, too. This year, in a different job, I have more hours, but it's also more enjoyable. Isn't it nice to have a House Husband at home doing some chores?

  11. Sounds like you have a great job.


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