Breaking all the Rules

When I started blogging (almost 4 years ago... *gasp*) there were no set rules or expectations. We were all just putting words on a page in cyberspace and learning as we went.

It seems this world of blogging has now evolved with certain criteria suggested to be considered a good blogger. The list of "rules" seem to grow.

I have felt lately that I can't keep up with it all. Pictures, helpful hints, no heavy topic's: keep it lighthearted, engage a wide audience, no post over 500 words max, post frequently, etc........

These are just a few off of the top of my head. I'm sure we could add to this list. In fact, you have probably even heard some that I'm not aware of.

Now don't get me wrong. I'm not saying the rules are bad ones, I just can't keep up with my blogging meeting all of these expectations and keep my other priorities in line at the same time. It's just not for me.

To be honest, there have been days that I have not posted because I wasn't keeping to the rules. I wasn't incorporating the items that supposedly make a good blogger. Better to not blog at all than to break the rules of a good blogger, or so I thought.

I have come to a decision. Instead of stopping with blogging altogether because I can't keep the expectations, I am breaking all the rules.

I'm getting back to the basics as I knew them in the beginning. From now on, when you stop by for a visit, you will find me being true to myself... not to the rules of blogging.

There may or may not be pictures. The words may be quick and to the point or the words may flow forth as my heart shares itself. If my heart is being challenged, I will most likely share it, even if it's not the easiest topic to discuss.

Whether what's on my heart is considered politically blogging correct or not, I will bring it forth.

It is too difficult and taking too much time and energy to work towards keeping with all of the rules in hopes of being considered a good blogger.

What good is it being considered a good blogger if I am not being true to myself?

In the days ahead I'm sure I will be breaking all of the rules...


  1. Donnetta, the "rules" for blogging are (just as you said) for being a "good blogger" or perhaps one that will garner an ever-increasing readership. Depending on what your goals are, those rules may or may not be important to you. I read a range of blogs and some bloggers have posted "good blogger" rules for their segment (and, boy, are the blogs getting segmented!). And the end of the day, it's your blog to do with as you see fit. So good for you to pursue what you want to express.

  2. And you will find freedom in that!!! I can relate.

  3. I sure know how you feel! I'm struggling with "the rules" on my own blog right now. Having to always be what people want you to be on your blog is getting old! Stay true to yourself and enjoy your blog. THAT is what it's all about!

  4. Even though in general, I am quite the rule oriented person, not with my blog. I don't know the rules and I'm keeping it that way! Some of the blogs that I originally liked a lot have become (to me) not so interesting. I think hearing about real life with people is very interesting and that's what I'll continue to do!

    So Amen, sister!

  5. Amen Donnetta! I'm always one for flaunting the rules. You should write the way God wants you to, to reflect yourself.

  6. uuuh...there's rules for this?

    Why does no one ever tell me these things?

    I would rather read real thoughts than a formula, so good for you!

  7. Good for you Donnetta!! I think we have all had to work out what is best for us in this world of blogging.
    I believe the only important rule is the one you've set for yourself (being true to yourself). That's what this is all about for me. I find that I write more for myself these days, as a way of setting markers as I walk through this life. The markers the Lord has given me in one way or another.
    It may be just a few words, a picture, a song, a quote or a lesson He has impressed on my heart. If He chooses to use those in any way, I am humbled.
    I am always, always blessed just being in your company.
    Thank you for putting it is such a clear way. I've struggled with all of those things myself.

  8. Love the comments, I am echoing the 'what rules?' statements. Good for you, do your own thing as you are lead, that is what makes for the best blogging IMO.

  9. The reason I came and continue to come here Donnetta is because I love your heart and feel I've made a friend in you. It is not blogging rules followed that makes me come. When you add a bunch of rules to it, it is no longer fun or genuine. I like the genuine you.

  10. Wow - I must be hiding under a rock. I didn't know there were rules for blogging! And I groaned when you said something about being politically correct. I guess I'm in real trouble.
    But I'm with you. I don't care. My blog is mine. It helps me. I don't blog for anybody else. It is something that is all mine and it is where I share my thoughts, emotions, happenings, and dreams. And the fact that I have "met" so many other wonderful bloggers on this journey is just icing on the cake for me.
    I'm so glad you are going to break the rules - because I love your blog. God speaks to me sometimes through your blog. I think you would ruin it all if you decided you had to follow the rules.

  11. Rules or no rules, I'm just happy that you are writing again! I miss you when you don't!! You are a true gem and encourage me often.


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