Heavy Heart... Trusting Heart

I've been sitting at this keyboard for quite some time trying to find words to share today. An event has taken place over the weekend that has deeply saddened and touched our hearts.

It has us discussing topics with our children such as grieving and being a sensitive, supportive and loving friend during moments of extreme loss. It is leading to discussion about believing the heart and sovereignty of God in the midst of unbelievable life circumstances. It is forcing our children, particularly our 8th grade son, to face life and death at it's very core.

Privacy for all involved keeps me from sharing details. Let me just strongly urge you to slow your schedule today to love and hug your children, your spouse, your family and all that you love. Be reminded that life is but a breath. None of us are guaranteed the next moment.

Also asking, as you think of it, to pray for the family that lost their teenage son over the weekend due to injuries.


* Life doesn't seem fair.
* Life is hard.
* It doesn't make sense.
* Hearts are heavy.

Hearts are being driven to trust, even deeper, the very heart of God.

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  1. So sorry for that family. Also for all of you that will grieve. I lost two friends in high school and it is so traumatic! Looking back to those years I wonder now if any of us ever stopped our own selfish grief to wonder if they were saved! I see things much differently now!


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