Friday's Fave Five

Some of life's simpler things have truly been favorite's for me this week.

1. Rain: We've had weeks with temps in the mid to upper 90's and not cooling much at night. This week we've settled into highs of 70's with periods of rain. So very refreshing.

2. Health:
The little guy and I both were sick most of the week. With our friend rallying to begin his road to recovery, and now the little guy and I starting to feel better as well, health has become a definite favorite!

3. Sleep: Lack of this due to the illness of the baby and I had left me feeling quite depleted. Last night he slept through the night. Personally starting to feel better allowed me to do the same!

4. Coffee: Enough Said...

5. Friends and Roses: Completely unexpected, a friend gave me a dozen roses for my birthday. As I would see them on my table in the midst of exhaustion and illness, they were such a blessing. Not only did it brighten my birthday, but my entire week!

This week found me slowing the pace and noticing some of the simpler things of life as they became clear favorites. What about yours?


  1. Health and sleep are definitely favorites when you are a mom of a little one. Well I must say even when you a mom, period. LOL. So glad to hear your friend is on the road to recovery!

    Rain after heat like that is wonderful. It still sounds like it's quite warm though. We've had rain too but it's gotten darn right cold to where I'm wearing jeans and socks today.

  2. I really enjoyed this list Donnetta. First of all - if I failed to wish you a Happy Birthday (I can't remember at his point what I've written this week) I do it now. Happy Birthday dear friend.
    I'm so glad you and the little one are feeling better and thrilled that your friend is improving.
    We will continue to pray.

  3. Sounds like are weeks were somewhat similiar except I don't have young ones anymore, but I can identify those feelings of sleeping through the night.

  4. That coffee looks so good!!

  5. Sleep is always a favorite!

    It's always great to enjoy fresh flowers, and since you've not been feeling well, I'm sure it's a real boost to look at them.

    Glad your little one is sleeping better! God bless!

  6. Nice to know your son is feeling better and you are getting some sleep. And coffee. . . :)

  7. Sleep definitely helps everything -- glad you were able to get a good night in! A belated happy birthday to you!

    How sweet to get unexpected flowers!


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