Operating Room

I had an appointment. A few tests were run. The results of those tests were far from pretty. The results made me cringe.

If those results were not addressed, the future outcome and permanent state of my heart did not look promising. I chose to follow the physician's orders... I allowed myself to enter His operating room.

My appointment was with the Master Physician.

God's Operating Room

I have been seeking and praying for a spiritual heart transplant. The things found in my old heart were far from good. The things found were choking the life out of me... slowly. So slowly in fact that I did not even notice my condition until the tests had been completed and the results were in.

There was first denial of my true condition. Once I accepted my condition there was overwhelming grief. There has been excruciating pain as the ugliness of my heart has been revealed and the cutting process has been taking place.

Just as in any surgery, I have been spending time and energy in the process of healing. The rehab for my heart has been grueling, exhausting and painful. The steps in recovery have not been easy.

Rejoice with me!! As with surgery of this kind... the end results are absolutely amazing. The outcome is unbelievable. The finished result makes the entire process well worth all that was endured to be restored to complete health.

I am getting to the other side of the critical-ness of the operation. I am regaining energy to move forward. Recovery is well underway.

I have been in the very best of hands. I have been spending time in God's Operating Room.

Being a nurse and a believer in regular checkup's I now ask you... have you recently made time for an appointment ... with the Master Physician?


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  2. Should be a part of my morning routine, but I sometimes miss the appointment! :( Great post, really made me think!

  3. Praying a speedy recovery for you! :)

  4. It is a very wise thing to do - going in for any needful procedures, and wise to do it on a regular basis. I find that just when I think I've got everything together is the the time when the Great Physician diagnosis another troubling condition. We are works in progress.
    I'm so glad you're on the "road to recovery".
    Thank you again for brightening my day with that special package. I love it all!

  5. Always so insightful! I need to have those tests run!


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