Friday's Fave Five

My favorites from this week:

1. Adoption Almost Final: We went to the adoption lawyers office and signed all of the final paperwork. We should stand before the judge by the end of the month if the final home study report is submitted soon.

2. Friends: Both of the older children had friends over for extended play time this week. What a treat to help break the monotony of the summer we are beginning to feel.

3. Hot Temps, Cool Water:

4. Books: Nothing like a package arriving at your front door with brand new books. One for each member of the family eagerly grabbing theirs out to begin reading.

5. Niece: I just learned last night that I am going to be an Aunt to my first niece. I have 3 nephews. My daughter is beyond excited that there will now be another girl to join her!

Overall, a pretty good week. What about you?


  1. I am so excited for you that the adoption is almost complete!! What an amazing and wonderful experience for your family.

    Congrats, Aunt Donnetta!!! Nieces are awesome!!! I have 3 on my side of the family and 2 on Todd's side.

  2. oh..i'm glad I discovered your blog!

    welcome to the friday fave fives!!

    love your list...especially the cool water, with heat...and books!!!! we LOVE books in our family..we are all bookworms and enjoy our summer vacation so we can read so much more for pleasure!!

    Blessings to you

  3. Smiling about your adoption!

    And smiling at the cooler temperatures during our vacation time in Wisconsin this week!

  4. That's so neat about your adoption!

    My kids love having friends over and visiting them during the summer. It does provide a welcome break.

    That pool looks inviting!

    And there's nothing like the thrill of new books!!

  5. Hello Donneta, Congratulations on your adoption process and the fact that a new little girl is going to join your extended family! I love books and it's always exciting to get a package of books in the mail!!
    Have a nice weekend...

  6. So excited for you on all fronts!

  7. So exciting that you are so close in the adoption to it being done.

    I love a package of books arriving in the mail. So much fun. You'll have to let us in on what you're reading.

  8. That's wonderful news about the adoption and your new niece! We're loving cool water here, too.


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