From Busy to Quiet


Do you know the word?

Four simple letters out of a 26 letter alphabet, that, when put together create a word that can be so consuming in a life. At least I find that to be so in mine.

Keep the "u" and take 4 other completely different letters from that same 26 letter alphabet. Put them all together and you form a completely different word.


I need quiet. Quiet is a good thing, a necessary thing, a longed for thing that does not penetrate into my schedule and my days as often as it should or I would like.

I have challenged myself to practice and learn to be quiet. To intentionally find time and a place for quiet. To slow the pace of a moment, for even a moment more.

I also find that the busier I become, the more self focused I become. In taking time to slow the pace and be quiet, I begin to notice those around me more. I start to recognize ways to go beyond myself to serve others, even in the simplest of forms.

My Quiet Corner

This place is one place where I come to practice and learn quiet. It's where I can take a minute or two to sit, put my feet up, and be real.

As I sit in this place, I sort through and share the thoughts and ramblings of my heart as it relates to learning and practicing to slow the pace, to quiet myself. I reflect on my focus and evaluate where it has largely been, on me or others.

It is also a place where I record those things that challenged my heart, inspired my spirit and penetrated my soul as I make time to spend alone with God.

I hope you will come and join me. My goal is that you will find encouragement and inspiration to slow the pace. I also hope you will find my own shared challenges of seeking quiet to challenge your own heart as we take charge of our busy worlds and intermingle moments of quiet into them to rest, relax, refresh and restore tired and weary souls.

Slow the Pace

Take a seat, put your feet up and sit back to relax... if even for just a moment. It may be just exactly what you needed...

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